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Audiophonics shows "Incoming restock 28 December - 04 January" which was to be expected TBH given experience with previous models
audiophonics announced again last week the arrival this week...
audiophonics announced again last week the arrival this week...
So they've updated it to what most of us would have expected - we were never going to get stock in the EU/UK just a week or so after the USA, so end of December/Early January was always going to be a more realistic target date given our experiences with the Pro & Pro Plus. Suppliers just love to get orders and money in, so will tend to post optimistic delivery dates.
"My" dealer still has the four available items only on his website. Mini, Pro, Pro Plus and Remote. No trace there and no trace on Amazon Germany. So I think really it has only to do with the contingent they will hopefully get soon.
What always makes you so optimistic? Must be great to have such a bright outlook on life 🤣 🤣
between the quality, such pleasant packaging, the choice of a color etc....
and on the other side static electricity problems on a normally class2 machine, which puts the machine in "curtain" (observe for yourself) , who can also question, on a strange aspect of security (or of the measures, which calls out, from onlyoneme)...

excuse me for being particularly interested in the second point... tackling me for my negative aspect will not advance the subject...

. and for the moment I didn't allow myself the ":ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:" ..I could however
Nor will starting unfounded rumours about a manufacturer recall, but again I guess you're living up to your tag ;)
What can we all do beside looking in a magic glass bowl?
If there is action needed it will be done I hope. My experience without any judgement who or what is to blame I posted yesterday in onlyoneme's thread regarding the amp. So I remain optimistic that all is fine.
Nor will starting unfounded rumours about a manufacturer recall, but again I guess you're living up to your tag ;)
I only asked one question.....
which, I assume, is in my opinion and given your feedback, can I ask it..that's all..
Mine is to be delivered today. I will save the box for any future shipments.
Things really do move fast in the world of Wiim. I just recently purchased the Wiim Pro Plus, when my Chromecast Audio (connected to my Denon DRA-F107DAB receiver via a Fiio D3 DAC) gave in. Needless to say the sound quality upgrade has been significant. Now that the Wiim Amp is out, I am wondering if I should upgrade from the Wiim Pro Plus to the Wiim Amp. But how good is the Wiim Amp as an amplifier/receiver compared to my old DRA-F107, which I know is very basic? My guess would be that I would benefit from this much newer and better amp in the Wiim Amp. Any thoughts on this? Have not been able to find any reviews where a basic old midi amp like mine is compared to the Wiim Amp.
Darko's review is live
Other than the usual BS about 'sonic differences - though not night and day' its a pretty good review.
Can't wait for your review!!
What is up with the play symbol on the volume control?
Hi Joffy1780, Team

The volume knob doubles as a 'Play/Pause' button – a single push toggles playback, while a longer press initiates network setup or restores factory settings. This functionality aligns with the 'Play/Pause' button on other WiiM devices for consistency. Thank you!
Hi Team,

As for the static issue, rest assured that our device has successfully passed ESD tests as per UL and FCC/CE standards. These tests include 4Kv contact and 8Kv air tests, ensuring robust electrostatic discharge protection. I hope it helps. Thank you!
Anyone has advice if the Wiim Amp can drive Elipson Prestige Facet 14 tower speakers appropriately? Currently I have a Wiim Pro Plus + Denon AVR 1600 in pass thru mode (aka no AVR DAC in the mix) with the speakers above, and I was wondering if I should just get an amp for the current setup (taking recommendations if you have any) or should I just sell the Pro Plus and buy the Wiiim Amp to make it simple n easy.
I feel a little bit co-guilty that this "static issue" and the thing I've noticed have probably been mixed up.
What I mentioned was this prickling in the fingertips and a multimeter showing a little electric voltage between
a. grounding and RCA, which is kinda normal. The reason why even with no audible impact the correct phase is important for me and is checked for every new item in my chain and
b. a little, but measurable voltage between grounding and housing of the amp, which is for me a stopper and was the reason to give it back and let my contact decide what to do. Especially when it comes to 230 V in a metal case. Even an eventually pre-production item should not show this.
No idea if this was singular with my sample. No idea if it is reasoned by the dedicated German power net. No idea if it was reasoned by our home power installation, what I can not imagine. But I highly recommend a look on it by the consumers and by the manufacturers. This is my definitive last statement regarding this point. The two last things I want is blaming WiiM and/or getting between fronts.
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